Kitchen Additions
This page is "under construction"
This was a job I did in Rhode Island. I put an addition on the back of the home expanding the homeowners kitchen living space. These are photos of the foundation, deck and walls going up.
  When remodeling a kitchen your options are endless

Have  sketches and/or a  basic idea of  your project . 
Professional drawings (complete set of plans) 
  •    If you do not know someone to do your drawings,I  know someone who does drawings. 

What is the square footage of the kitchen you want to remodel?

How extensively do you want to remodel your kitchen?   
  •   Replace/Update a few features
  • Replace or update the whole kitchen
  •   Rearrange the layout
  • Create a great room by combining the new kitchen with an existing room.
What features do you want to add to or change in you Kitchen?
  •   Countertops - corian, natural stone or Formica                 
  •   Cabinets - special wood or custom made 
  •   Appliances- home or commercial grade       
  •   Sink
  •   Flooring-  tile, linoleum, wood, laminate
  •   Exhaust fan
  •   Island - stove top, sink, or just countertop space
  •   Interior walls
  •   Lighting
  •   Windows
  •   Doors
  •   Ceilings

This is a full country dining room addition added on to a ranch home. Below is a picture of the outside window.