Basement Remodels
This basement I converted into an apartment for the homeowner. It included a full bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchenette, walk-in closet.  I used pocket doors . The doors slide into the wall instead of swinging on hinges. They are a great space saver.

     Some questions to ask yourself when remodeling a basement.

Do you have any plans, sketches,or professional drawings for the project? Have a design in mind.
  Keep in mind the square footage of the basement you want to remodel. The average basement is 600  to 1,000 square feet.

How do you want to remodel your basement?
Do you want to : Create recreation/home theater room
Do you want to add: bedrooms
                                       laundry room
  Do you need to resolve moisture issues?      

  Do you want to create a full apartment?                        

What features do you want to be included in your remodel ?